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 Class Descriptions

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PostSubject: Class Descriptions   Sat Jan 09, 2010 7:57 pm

Fighter: A strong character proficient in any melee weapon of choice.

Thief: A character who uses small melee weapons such as daggers, punching daggers, claws, etc. and can create a variety of grenaids and potions from materials.

Black Mage: Uses the four elements water, fire, ice, and lightning to atack enemys from long range. Uses staffs which give a bonus to ther magic in ONE only one of the four element choices

White Mage: Uses healing, holy, and time magic to benefite the party. Time magic can slow enemys, haste allies, slow poison, no time travel. Uses staffs to benefite agane only ONE of there white magic powers the same way the black mage staffs benefite there powes.

Summoner: Aperson who summons aions. aions are a soul who voluntierd to be trapped in a stone in order to be able to come to the aid of any summoner who summons them. all of the aions have been st free so you must make your own aions from scratch and anyone who coms after those are made can use them if they have already been to the city from wich you made the aion come from (yes they must be from a specifict toun or city if you need a map here is a link) .(for those of you who enjoyed the FFX games Bahamute's back yay he wanted to help even from the farplain so if your dairing enofe to go there and get him you may as well as any other but u will have to roleplay your walk in and out of the farplain) http://www.galbadiax.com/ff10/map.jpg <------ Map

Throw anything class: A class that can pretty much use anthing that can be thrown as a weapon.(example: Wakka throws a blitzball for his weapon)
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Class Descriptions
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